Warm congratulations! Seiko Technology's Carbon Fiber Equipment Helps the Successful Production of the South Korean Hyeongseong Xinyi Project
source:Jinggong Science and Technology      Release time:2024/02/05

Recently, the production activity of the Hyeongseong High Performance Carbon Fiber Xinyi Industrial Base project in South Korea was grandly held. Mayor Wang Jianfeng and Deputy Mayor Wu Weidong of Xuzhou City, as well as Cho Rongxiu, CEO of cutting-edge materials at South Korean Xiaoxing Group, An Hongxiang, General Manager of Aramid Carbon Fiber Business Unit at South Korean Xiaoxing Group, and Park Qianjin, Chairman of Xiaoxing Carbon Materials (Jiangsu) Company, attended the event.

The South Korean Xiaoxing High Performance Carbon Fiber Xinyi Industrial Base Project is invested and constructed by Xiaoxing Carbon Materials (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. This project is a major provincial and municipal project in 2023, with a planned total investment of 614 million US dollars. After completion, it is expected to produce 9600 tons of high-performance carbon fiber and 16800 tons of carbon fiber composite materials annually, with an annual sales revenue of over 10 billion yuan.

The smooth operation of the Xinyi project is inseparable from the good cooperation between Jinggong Technology and South Korean Xiaoxing. In the Xinyi project, Jinggong Technology provided Xiaoxing (Jiangsu) with the main core equipment of the carbonization line, including wire discharge machines, oxidation furnaces, high and low carbon furnaces, and waste gas treatment systems. The company's experienced after-sales and technical team provided support for the smooth production of this project.


Preliminary preparation: meticulous planning and analysis

★ Conduct in-depth research on the process flow of carbon fiber production, analyze each link, and have a clear understanding of the entire process flow. Customized series of backup solutions and solutions to deal with any unexpected situations.

Installation and debugging: meticulous and conscientious

During the debugging phase, implement a segmented and batch strategy to ensure that the debugging of each process section is carried out in an orderly and timely manner. The team checks each functional module one by one to ensure that the system achieves precise control over each process step.

Quality and quantity guarantee: keep your promise and fulfill your promise

During the equipment installation and debugging process, we take quality assurance as our commitment to ensure that each process link achieves high standards and high-quality "precision delivery", laying a solid foundation for the successful trial run of the project.

Successful test drive: Team collaboration, working together to achieve victory

The technical debugging team is divided into different tasks and cooperates with each other, working together harmoniously and giving their all, focusing on precise adjustment and control of every detail, to assist the smooth production of the Xinyi project.


Jinggong Technology, as a leading domestic enterprise in carbon fiber carbonization equipment, was founded in 1968 and successfully went public in 2004. The company is positioned as a leader in high-end integrated equipment technology and a promoter of industrial upgrading. In 2013, the company began to expand its carbon fiber business; In 2020, Jinggong Technology achieved the national industrialization of carbon fiber production line equipment technology; As of now, the company has undertaken more than 30 carbon fiber production lines, which can meet the different needs of T400/T700/T800/T1100G high-performance carbon fibers. It has achieved impressive market share for three consecutive years and is highly favored by users. The equipment has been exported to regions and countries such as South Korea and Vietnam.

In the future, Jinggong Technology will continue to focus on intelligent manufacturing of specialized equipment, committed to becoming a world-class provider of integrated solutions for specialized equipment systems with excellent "Jinggong quality", continuously promoting technological innovation and development of carbon fiber new materials, and continuously contributing Jinggong wisdom and strength to the high-quality development of China's carbon fiber entire industry chain.

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