Core concept

Human resource is the most precious resource, fine work of science and technology is essential to the survival and development of company. Companies adhere to the "people-oriented, to the person (hereafter" the concept of choose and employ persons, to build the learning organization, staff and the enterprise synchronous development of talent strategy is the essence of science and technology unremitting pursuit.

Core location

Leave a person to do business, the company adhere to the people, people can do its principle of choose and employ persons, for the growth of talent to build a platform of fair competition and realize their own value to the development of space.

Do treatment retention - the company according to the characteristic of different jobs, perform different mode of distribution, to provide corresponding pay pay for different levels of talent, and implement car-buying subsidy policies, etc.
Do leave a person culture, inherit and carry forward the seiko culture, create a good cultural atmosphere, continuously strengthen enterprise internal affinity and cohesion.

Talent idea

Competent for his job is talent , innovation is the talents

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